Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Week without Classes (where everyday is a Saturday)! Part 2

Thursday I took a day off from studying. I went to Bondi beach with Angie and Jenny. Bondi was the last place on my list of things to do before I leave. The morning was rather chilly, but it was actually warmer at the beach. It was nice because there weren’t too many people there, since it’s now winter in Australia. In summer, you wouldn’t be able to see the sand on the beach because there are tons of people, so I hear. We sat on the rocks for a while, enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean and the sun shining directly on us. Then we walked on one of the paths next to the beach for a bit. We came across a rock with 2 little cubby holes in it that Jenny had remembered from her trip to Australia 6 years ago. Jenny climbed right up the rock into the hole. As I was taking photos of her, I wanted to try to climb up it too. With help from Jenny, I got up and we had a great time curling up in the little hole. It was so cozy in there and the perfect place to sleep. 
Bondi Beach!!

Angie and me on the rocks

a pool that fills from the ocean

Jenny and me in the cubby hole

we fit so perfectly!

            After our lovely photo shoot, we decided to head back to the road and find a café to get some lunch. Walking uphill was my exercise for the day as we walked to find a café. Jenny and Angie got meat pies (another Australian food) and I had brought a sandwich so I just bought a peppermint chocolate bar for my dessert. Once we were done eating, we found the nearest bus stop and took the bus up to Bondi Junction to go to the big Westfield mall. I wanted to go to Build a Bear to get an Australian outfit for one of my build a bears at home. Then we just walked around the mall. In one of the food courts, we came across a place to buy chocolate shots. Of course we just had to, because how many times are you going to come across a chocolate fountain and get a chocolate shot? It was delicious!! We then shopped for the next few hours before heading back just in time for dinner, which included more socializing time and time with friends. It definitely felt like a Saturday once again.
chocolate shot!

            On Friday I went for another swim, as I have to try to go as many times as I can before leaving and plus I like starting my day off with a swim because somehow I feel I can be more productive that way. The internet was down this morning so after swimming I packed up my things and headed to campus earlier than I planned to get online. Then at 10 I headed to the computer lab. I didn’t know if anyone was going to be coming to campus today from my class, but I seem to be a bit more productive in the computer lab so I worked on more past exams, trying to figure out more proof questions. One other person did join me around 11 and we worked together for a bit until lunch time.
            I headed back to DLC for lunch and to say goodbye to one of my Aussie friends, Lucy, who was leaving this afternoon. It is sad to see so many people leave now as the end is near. It seems like so many people are finishing up and I haven’t even taken 1 final yet. We took some pictures together and then I headed back to campus to continue studying for the afternoon.
            Overall it has been a great week and almost everyday has felt like Saturday, even with all the studying I have been doing. I’ve been trying to find ways to make the studying fun, but productive at the same time, which is hard sometimes. I hope I study enough to do well on my finals next week. Once I get through finals, I will be heading home! Can’t wait!!  

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