Monday, May 23, 2011

Baking and Aquarium

          This weekend was one of the most eventful weekends since break. Starting from Friday night, we had a delicious meal in the dining hall, pad thai. They even had a tofu option for the vegetarians! It is rare that they have tofu which is why I mention it and even though I am not vegetarian, I do like tofu. I decided on the chicken pad thai though, but I did get to taste the tofu one. The tofu needed some soy sauce, but other than that, most delicious dinner.
            I talked for a while with my friends until we were all ready to get baking. One of my friends, Ariana, had asked the Dean of Residents, Rachel and Eli, if we could use their kitchen in their apartment to bake one night. They agreed as long as we played a card game, Munchkin afterwards with them. So we made peanut butter cookies, molasses cookies and my friend Angie made a gooey butter cake. All of these turned out to be quite delicious. We snacked on them as we played Munchkin. In this game you have characters such as wizards, clerks, and warrior and different races including Ogres and more. Your goal is to get to level 10, by defeating monsters of different levels and of course there are curses along the way that make it difficult. It was certainly an interesting game. We played for 2 hours. With 6 of us playing, it took a while to go through each turn and everything and by the time 2 hrs had passed, people were getting a bit tired (or at least I was). I made it to level 5 by then, so I was quite happy. One person made it to level 9 and probably would have won, had we continued to play. It was certainly a nice and relaxing night and homemade cookies were delicious. I can’t wait to get home and make cookies again.  
Angie, me and Ariana

peanut butter cookies that I made

my initials on a peanut butter cookie :)

            Saturday I went to the Sydney Aquarium with Jenny. It only took us a couple hours to go through the whole aquarium. I saw a platypus. They are much smaller than I thought they’d be and so cute. Apparently they are only found in Australia, which explains why I had never seen one before. The only platypus I know is Perry the platypus from Phineaus and Ferb on Disney and unfortunately platypuses are not like Perry, but they are quite adorable. 

            We then went to see the 1 octopus they had. Jenny loves octopi, which I look at it and it’s cool and creepy to me at the same time. Then we went down a bunch of ramps to walk through the glass tube and see the sharks swim over us. That was definitely the coolest part of the aquarium. Then we saw lots of fish and more fish throughout the aquarium and of course exited through the gift shop. 
bridge in a shark cage

at Darling Harbour
            After that we walked down Darling Harbour and found the chocolate café, but it was way too expensive to buy anything, so we continued walking. It was a beautiful 75 degree day outside and sunny. I wished that I had worn shorts, but you never know with Sydney weather. It can change so quickly. We took some pictures by a beautiful fountain and then found our way to the Town hall train station which is connected to a mall, so we did a bit of looking around first before heading back for the day. 
            When I got back I didn’t really feel like doing work, so the rest of my afternoon, I pretty much just watched movies on my computer and then went to dinner. 

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