Monday, May 23, 2011

Boat ride along the Harbour

Sunday was also a beautiful day. I joined my friend Lee and her family friends, Kate and Andy, for a boat ride on the harbour and lunch. Kate picked us up from Lee’s apartment and we met Andy and her 4 children at the boat. Their friends Veronica and Dan also met up with us there and then we got ready to leave. Andy is still learning how to drive a boat so Gary, who has 40 years of experience with boats, was helping.
In the beginning of the boat ride, we were trying to figure out where we were and Veronica says “so it’s this way to the states” and I mention how I don’t have a flight home yet. So I was totally relying on this boat to take me to the states. It would take a while, but maybe I would make it there by the 19th if we left today. Well we didn’t head that way and only went around the Harbour. Oh well…
            The boat ride was wonderful though. It was a beautiful 70 degree day and a perfect day to be on the water. There was a sailing race going on too. At first, there wasn’t much wind and you could just see a bunch of sail boats sitting around and waiting. We maneuvered through the sail boats towards the Harbour Bridge. All of us were talking about how we would not be able to drive a boat through the sail boats. The bridge was especially beautiful from the water. We went along the coast looking at the beautiful houses on the water. We played the game “pick your favorite mansion.” It was hard to choose. We’d pick one and then another one would come along and be even bigger. Some even had swimming pools. I think it’s funny that some houses on the water have a swimming pool. I’m pretty sure most of us decided that the mansion that just sold for 52 million was our favorite and we were going to move in there.
            After some house shopping, we just gazed at the view of downtown Sydney. How beautiful it was. Then we decided on a spot to stop for some lunch. We decided to drop the anchor right by the Taronga Zoo. I wish I could go there but I just don’t have the money for it. It looks like a fun zoo to visit though. It’s on my list for the next time I’m in Sydney. 
the city
sailboats in front of the Harbour Bridge

one of our favorite houses

            For lunch we had a delicious Thai Pork salad with a lime juice dressing that Kate had made. It was delicious. It was so nice to have a home made meal rather than dining hall food. I am absolutely sick of dining hall food by this point and can’t wait to get home to make my own food. 
me and Lee with the lovely Opera house and bridge in the background

Pork thai salad

            After eating, we headed back to the docking site at a faster speed than when we headed over. It was getting cloudier and colder on the way back, but it was so relaxing. We saw all the colorful sails on the sail boats, as they were finally picking up some speed with the wind.
all the sailboats along the horizon
the biggest sail
            We got back around 2:30, which is when the drawbridge goes up. After Andy had parked the boat with the guidance of Gary, I noticed the bridge raising and watched as the taller boats went through. Then it was time to step onto land again and we decided to boat shop along the dock, picking our favorite boat. We need a boat to go with that mansion you know. Then Kate cut the cake that we didn’t eat earlier and it was delicious chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Great snack for the middle of the afternoon. By the time we cleaned up the boat and got everything packed it was about 3:30 or so. Kate dropped off me and Lee at Lee’s apartment and I met a couple of her roommates and we chatted for a bit and then I walked back to my room and made it back just in time for dinner. 
drawbridge up

             I wasn’t all that hungry, but I like to go to dinner to socialize as well. Basically my dinner consisted of rice, green beans, a few bites of chicken and chocolate. The best part of meals on Sunday is the dessert. They have a ‘make your own sundae’ station every Sunday. I just like to eat the toppings which are m & m’s and chocolate candies that Australian’s call Freckles. They are chocolate with sprinkles on the top. I forget what they are called in the states. Usually in the states we have these with just white sprinkles rather than multi colored.
            After chatting for a bit at dinner and eating, I headed back to my room to get back to working on my math project since I hadn’t done any homework at all this weekend, but that was ok because I finished (mostly finished) up my paper on Friday so that I wouldn’t have work for the weekend. I love weekends without homework. Just 2 more weeks of classes and then studying for 2 weeks for my finals then HOME!!

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