Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Laid Back Weekend (Memorial Day weekend)

Well it’s the last few days of May and that means that it’s Memorial Day weekend, but sadly I have to go to class on Memorial Day this year, for the first time in my life, since Memorial Day is an American holiday and not an Australian holiday. I did get a few extra days off for Easter with Anzac day and in June we get the Queen's birthday off, even though that happens to be in the middle of exam time and I have it off anyway, but oh well. Being that it is the end of May, it also means that it is almost June and when I think of June, I think summer!! I have to remain focused for another 20 days though.
            So this weekend I haven’t done that much of anything. I have 2 assignments left, 1 for each math class and I finished most of one yesterday and started the next one today. Mostly though, I’ve been watching a lot of tv shows and stuff and just relaxing. After this last week of classes I will be studying at least part of everyday if not the full day, so it’s my last relaxed weekend until I get home.
            Saturday night was a lot of fun though. After dinner, a bunch of us from DLC went to the city to see the Vivid lights show on the Opera House and around the circular quay area. We took the train to Wynyard and then walked to the harbour and watched as the Opera House changed from one color pattern to another. It was beautiful. We met up with Jenny and Jason for a bit as we walked through the area known as The Rocks and took more pictures of the Opera House. Then we decided to walk across the Harbour bridge and got a lovely view of the harbour. I got a few really good photos of the Opera house on our way up as well. It was a beautiful night, not too cold, similar to September weather in the states, seeing as it is Fall here. 
the group

Harbour Bridge at night (picture from Jenny)

the city! (photo credit to Jenny)

rainbow Opera House

            After walking across the bridge, we decided to go to Luna Park which is honestly the smallest amusement park I’ve seen. You are free to walk around the park without buying a ticket for the rides, which was awesome, because now I can say I’ve been to Luna Park, even if I haven’t gone on the rides. It was awesome to see the giant clown entrance up close. I have only seen it from on the train and on a boat. It was a fun evening out with friends.

not creepy at all right?? The detail is amazing up close

fun house mirrors!

I'm a yellow person. It'd be awesome if I was a red person, half the price


  1. I am so glad I got to do this with you! What a great way to spend a Saturday night in Autumn in...May...

  2. yep me too. A great way to spend your last Saturday in Australia