Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sydney Wildlife World!!!

Saturday I went with a few people to Sydney Wildlife World on Darling Harbor. We took the train down shortly after 10am and got there around 11:15. There were lots of characters built out of legos throughout the wildlife world. I was super excited to see some wildlife and animals since I have been here a month and haven’t seen much other than lots of birds and bunnies that are around campus.
            First we walked through all the creepy crawlers section of spiders, ants and other insects. Then the many snakes and poisonous snakes found in Sydney. It is just so comforting to know that some of the most poisonous snakes are found here…
            Then we came to my favorite part of the day, KOALAS!!!! OMG they were sooo cute and adorable. At first I thought they were statues on the trees, because they were just sleeping there. Koalas sleep about 20 hrs each day. They have no reason to move and being in the trees all the time, they don’t have to worry about predators that much. There were 5 of us and we paid for a $20 package that allowed us to go in with the koalas and pet them and get some pictures taken. It was so much fun to pet the koala and be right up next to him. We got to pet the koala named Moe. Then we took pictures with Charlie and another one. 

            Then we headed to go see the kangaroos. Only one was out in the open and the others were taking a nap in the shade. They were so cute though. I also got to touch a lizard. I was so excited to see some Australian animals!!!! We continued through and saw Wallabies and the most dangerous bird in the world, Cassowary. I guess it was rated in the Guinness World Book to be the most dangerous and there is one type of the three types of Cassowaries, found in Australia, but not in the Sydney area.
            The last stop at the wildlife world was the butterfly garden. I had a couple butterflies land on my hand and one land on my shoe. They were pretty and it was so cool to have butterflies flying all around you. 

            By the time we finished at the wildlife world, it was 2pm and we were all starving. Along the harbor, the places are very expensive so we went to subway and then brought our food to the harbor to eat it.
            After our late lunch, we walked down the street through Sydney to check out Paddy’s market. It’s a huge indoor market area and they have pretty much everything and some pretty good prices too. We spent an hour walking around the market. Another day we plan to head back there. By then I had definitely spent enough money for the day so I just looked around. You could easily spend half a day in there though and next time I plan to bring some paper and compare prices as well because a lot of the places will have similar if not the same types of items.
            At about 4:30, we started to head back to the train. We pulled out our map and started walking. As we were walking though, we made a wrong turn and got lost. I think we made about a 30 minute detour. Sarah finally pulled out her GPS and I took over reading the map, finally finding where we were. Although we had originally planned to head to the Town Hall station, we ended up in the complete opposite direction of that and instead, eventually found the Central St station. A fun adventure to end the day trip!     

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