Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 3 DONE

It’s so nice to have it finally be the weekend. This week has felt so long, well mostly Thursday. Thursday I have 5 hours of class, which I should be pretty much used to by now, but since most of my days consist of 2 or 3 hours here, 5 seems really long. I also attended 3 ISV meetings in between classes yesterday. ISV stands for International Student Volunteers. I went to Costa Rica for 5 weeks with them last summer and now I’m a student rep for them, although they always seem to time their meetings when I’m not available, such as my busiest day of classes.
Anyway I was there to help promote the program. I shared my favorite part about my trip which was zip lining and told them about how I worked with sea turtles and got to see a turtle lay eggs and hold a baby turtle. It was definitely a great experience and I encourage people to take part in it. They don’t only go to Costa Rica. You can also go to New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa and for Americans, Australia (where I am right now!!). Basically the trip consists of 2 weeks of volunteer work and then a 2 week adventure through the country you are in. I also did Spanish lessons while in Costa Rica, because I had only taken French, so that was pretty interesting and I got to live with a host family. You learn about the country you are in, meet great people and learn to appreciate life in a different way.
            The meetings were about half of my afternoon and then I had my last tutorial for the day from 5-6pm which always seems to fly by as I have done some of the labs before and they are really easy. Then we end up just talking for the rest of the time. Finally I got back to my college for dinner and after dinner I was able to relax. I couldn’t look at any work (luckily I didn’t have anything I needed to do either). I was so exhausted, so it wasn’t long before I headed to bed for the night.
            Friday I pretty much took the afternoon to relax after I was done with classes. It was quite rainy outside up until around 3pm when the sun finally started to come out and that always makes the afternoon better.
            At night, I had the DLC (Dunmore Lang College) commencement dinner. A nice fancy dinner. I hated waiting until 6:30 to start dinner as I am always at dinner right when it starts normally at 5:30. We had an appetizer, then announced some awards for people who lived here last year, then the main course (chicken which was alright) and then after waiting for many more award announcements, we finally got dessert and it was delicious chocolate cake. That was the best part of the meal in my opinion.

appetizer, some sort of cheese and bacon filled pie thing
 main course: chicken with red currant sauce and mashed potatoes (also had some green beans not shown)
the best part of dinner, "death by chocolate" it was called and so delicous

            After dinner, I headed to the Ranch up the road with a few people. It was totally dead when we got there at 9:30pm. We hung out for a bit until more people arrived, but it was still pretty much dead and not that much fun, so I left with a few others around 10:15 and that was the night for me.

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