Saturday, March 5, 2011

Small World

This week went by fairly fast until Thursday when I have a lot of classes, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Done with one assignment for one class already and just working on a math one for this coming week. This week will get busier I’m sure because more assignments will start to come up. Right now though, it’s fairly relaxed and mostly I just have some reading to do for a couple classes.
I had a great day on Friday as I got some time to sit in the sun and work on homework outside. It’s nice having so many benches outside and trees to sit under. So as I was waiting for my second math class to start, my teacher asked me whether I was wearing a Buffalo t-shirt the other day. I said “yeah I’m a study abroad student from there.” He then told me that he used to teach math there many years ago and that it was one of his first jobs. He said he may still know a few people in the math department there but isn’t sure since it was a while ago. Immediately I thought, wow, such a small world…come to Australia and have a teacher who used to teach at UB…

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