Sunday, April 10, 2011

21st Birthday at the Blue Mountains (Part 2)

We took the cableway up to where we got off for the skyway and then caught a bus to the chocolate company from there. Jenny bought me a delicious slice of chocolate cake that we split for my birthday.

gotta keep doing my bridge around Australia

the place where Jenny bought me a slice of chocolate cake for my birthday

Then we walked down the hill a bit and went to see the Three sisters, which are the most famous rocks at the Blue Mountains. It was beautiful! So many pictures at this area. I absolutely loved the scenic view!!
Me and the Three Sisters in the background

The Three Sisters

 Three sisters myth…."The most reported Aboriginal legend explains the story of three sisters; Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo, who fell in love with three brothers from a neighboring Aboriginal tribe. It was forbidden by tribal law for the three sisters to marry the Nepean tribe brothers, which led to the tragic story of The Three Sisters. The Nepean brothers did not take the tribal marriage restrictions well and they decided to start a tribal war. The Aboriginal witch doctor of the Katoomba tribe feared for the lives of the three sisters and cast a spell to temporarily turn them to stone to protect them. During the battle, the witch doctor was killed, leaving the three sisters forever frozen in their stone form. Today, the legend is still passed down to explain the beautiful natural wonder of The Three Sisters rock formation in Katoomba" (
After taking many photos of the view of the mountains and Three Sisters, we walked down 100 or so steps to see the viewpoint at the Three Sisters and did a few poses. 

            Then we walked back up the steps, which wasn’t too terrible and stopped at a souvenir store where I found another deck of cards to add to my collection. Then we caught the bus and got off at Leura Cascades. We walked down to see the waterfall and took a bunch of pictures with the scenic background. While taking pictures though, I totally slipped, but just fell on my butt and had to go home with a wet butt.

my wet butt cause I slipped when taking photos on the waterfall area

            We took the train back and the 2 hrs passed much more quickly on the way back as we were talking the whole way and eventually I made it back to my friend’s place where I am staying for the week. It was a fun adventure at the Blue Mountains today for my birthday and it was absolutely beautiful weather for it too!!

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