Friday, April 15, 2011

Train Adventure to the airport to go to Cairns

After going online for a few hours before I would not have access to internet for the next 3 days, I headed to the train station to go to the airport. I missed the train to Wynyard by a few minutes but I had plenty of time so it wasn’t a big deal.
            I arrived at Wynyard and transferred to the airport train. I only had to wait a couple minutes which was quite handy. I kept track of the stops so I wouldn’t get lost. Then the train decided to terminate at Central. Everyone got off the train and the platform became quite crowded and I had no idea which train I would be getting on next, but I had plenty of time and I was only 3 stops away from the airport. I only had to wait 8 minutes but that was still annoying because I just wanted to get to the airport. Of course once I arrived and easily followed the signs to the terminal I needed, I realized I was there 3 hrs before my flight and could not check in until 2 hrs before. Unfortunately I forgot a book to read so I sat there and wrote in my journal for a bit, but other than that didn’t have much to do.
            An hour passed and I was able to check in and get through security. Their security was not as strict as I was expecting. I took off my shoes and got all my electronics out and made sure I didn’t have any liquids or gels, but that didn’t seem to matter so much. When I printed my boarding pass, they asked if I had any dangerous goods to declare, which I didn’t so basically you are safe as long as you don’t have any dangerous goods. Well I had about 2 hrs of time to kill after getting through security so I walked into all the bookstores and walked by the food court where some of the food looked so delicious but was way too pricey. 1 donut at Krispy Kreme cost over $2, which is too much for a donut if you ask me. I really miss the cheaper American food these days as my money is disappearing so quickly.
            At one of the last book stores I went to I decided to buy a little sudoku book because I needed something to do. I finished 1 sudoku puzzle and then listened to my ipod for a bit before realizing there was only half a battery left even though I had thought it was fully charged, but it lasted for the time I needed.
            My plane got delayed by 20 minutes so that extended my time in the airport and I knew I’d be quite hungry for dinner once we landed so I was hoping for some good food once I arrived in Cairns.
I arrived at Gilligan’s (the hostile I stayed in) in Cairns safely. Taxi was a bit pricey to get there, but oh well. Luckily I didn’t have to buy dinner because it was included. Gilligan’s was like a party every night it seemed. Definitely intended for young backpackers. When I arrived, I met one girl, Adele, who was just traveling Australia. We had dinner together which was nice since I didn’t know anyone. After dinner I went walking around. I found the grocery store and some bakeries around the area. Then I headed back and got some sleep since I had to wake up at 6:30am to get ready for the reef tour I was going on. 

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