Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday in Sydney

        On Saturday I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art to look at an exhibit for my art class. This was actually my second time going to the exhibit. I actually headed there last Saturday with a few friends in my class and we all went through the exhibit taking down notes for our paper. Even with all my notes about each of the pieces I had no idea how to write an exhibit review, so I needed to go back and look again with a different perspective and this time looking more at the overall picture and how it was set up. This was the first time I took the train downtown alone. I usually meet up with people before heading to the city. It was nice to go alone though because I was able to leave early and go at my own pace.
                                               museum of contemporary art

            After checking out the exhibit and getting a better idea of what to write, I walked down George St for a bit and took some pictures of the giant Apple store. Last Saturday there was a line around the corner for the new ipad 2, but this week I was actually able to go inside and check it out.
                                      Apple Store on George St on March 26th - the day after the ipad 2 came out
                                     Apple Store on April 2 - lots of people inside but no line around the corner

            I then headed back to Dunmore Lang College to get some lunch and work on stuff until dinner. After dinner I headed back to the city with a few friends to go to Darling Harbour and check out the fireworks that happen most Saturday nights at 8:30.
Chocolate Fondant with ice cream and berries on the side
            We got off at Wynyard and I led the group the wrong way…oops. On the plus side, we got to see the Opera House lit up at night and the city. I knew where we were, but wasn’t sure how to get to Darling Harbour from where we were. We ended up taking a short taxi ride and splitting the fare 4 ways to get to Darling Harbour and then figured out that we should have headed the opposite direction. We made it in time for the fireworks though and went to a restaurant along the harbour to get some dessert. We got baklava and chocolate fondant. Both were delicious, however I did not think they were worth the price of $13 each for the small serving, but since it is the harbour, you pay a lot. From where we were sitting we were able to see the fireworks. It was a short show, but it was fun to watch.
Baklava dessert

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