Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beach and relaxing weekend

Today is the last day of February…this month has gone by so quickly and it’s still weird how I have only just started classes. This weekend was good. Saturday morning I went to the beach. I met some people at the Parklands apartments up the hill from where I live (literally all the way up the hill). It seemed like a long way as I walked there but then as we walked down, it seemed like I lived much closer to them.
            We left for the beach about 15 minutes after I got there and then tracked down my friend Jenny that I invited along as well. I had to use my friend’s phone to get a hold of her because I still don’t have a phone here, but I’m hoping my SIM card will arrive today because it has been in the mail supposedly for the past week.
            We took the train to Chatswood, then switched to another train to Wynyard and walked to the ferry to go to Manly beach. We got a day pass for the train, bus and ferry which was awesome!!
            The ferry ride was so cool! Unfortunately all the outdoor seats were taken by the time we got on the ferry so we sat inside, but it was still pretty neat. Overall it took us around an hour and a half to get to the beach, but it was worth it. I grabbed some lunch from Subway and ate on the beach and then sunscreened up. It was a beautiful day outside. I enjoyed the wonderful sun for a bit and then headed into the water with Jenny and Sam. Molly and Cindy watched our stuff while we were in the water. We caught many waves and I went under a few times, but it was tons of fun and the water felt great on a 25 degree Celsius day. After playing in the waves for a while, we headed back to our towels, giving the other girls a chance to go in the water and giving us a chance to dry off.
            Once we were pretty much dry, Jenny and I walked around the little market right near by and went in some shops. I got a couple postcards and a deck of cards to add to my collection. For those of you who don’t know, I collect decks of cards from everywhere I go and I can guarantee that this won’t be the only deck of cards that I will bring home from my trip here. Apparently the market runs almost every weekend at Manly Beach and they had some nice stuff there, so maybe next time I’ll buy something from the market.

            We stayed at the beach until shortly after 4 and then headed back to the ferry and then the train. We had to switch trains 3 times, but made it back. I dropped off my stuff at my room when I returned and went right to dinner even though I was a bit sandy from the beach, but it was almost 6:30 and dinner ends at 7. Finally tonight was a great dinner, some pasta, a salad and carrot cake for dessert. Now they just need to have some chocolate cake for dessert one night.     
            As far as Sunday goes, I didn’t do a whole lot. It was drizzling off and on here but it was still a great temperature outside and I just love the smell after it rains, the air just feels so fresh.
I went to the library for a bit in the morning and figured out how to print there, although it costs 11 cents a page so I probably won’t be printing there much. I can print at my college for just the cost of a pack of paper, but the other day, 2 of the printers were low on ink which is why I went to the library. Sunday was my day of reading and relaxing mostly. I did get a lot done in terms of what homework I have so far. Most of my assignments though aren’t due until the end of next week or the week after even, because here they don’t do weekly assignments or day to day assignments, so it seems like less work, but I think they expect more from you on the quality of the assignments and hoping you take the time to read the material and everything thoroughly.
            Sunday evening we had our first general meeting for the college and basically we were introduced to the different committees that they have here. In the beginning of the semester there is a fee that each student has to pay and the money goes to these committees so they really want you to get involved and get your money’s worth by participating in programs and stuff. This semester at some point there is a ball that the college plans and they needed people to help with that and that sounded the most interesting to me. There is also a sports committee, food committee, entertainment committee, etc. It was a good meeting though and I look forward to the other ones to come and the events for the semester.

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