Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 hours on a plane, then 14 hours on a plane....but arrived safe and sound

So my plane left late from Chicago because of the snow and de icing and they needed some part for the plane too, but I made it to San Francisco, which was beautifully lit up since it was shortly after 8pm their time when we landed. Then I had 2 hours to kill before getting on my next flight to Sydney. I met a couple of people from my first flight also going to Sydney, although not to the same university as me, but it was nice to chat with them for a bit and not be alone while waiting for the flight.
We left on time from San Francisco and I was so tired, I was practically asleep before the plane took off. I slept off and on for at least 10 hours of the flight wrapped up in 2 blankets, one over my head and the other on my legs and feet since the blowing air was cold, but it also blocked the little bit of light, so I was like in my own cocoon and hibernating for most of the flight. The last 3 hours went by sooo slowly and I was getting antsy because I had been sitting for so many hours. I couldn’t wait to get off the plane.
 I made it through customs and then found “the meeting point”, it’s literally called that, in the airport where I checked in to get my ride to my dorm. I had to wait a while and then got a ride with a different person than I was supposed to. He had to drop off a few other people before me, which was fine because I got to look around at Sydney, Australia. I couldn’t believe I was here. I was definitely very nervous and a bit scared, but something about Sydney seems a bit comforting, because it’s a city and fairly modern, so some things will be like home.
I’m staying at a dorm that is right across from the campus basically. I have my own room and a bathroom I will be sharing with one other person that hasn’t moved in yet. I got a quick tour of the dorm area and dining hall and then settled in my room. I got my internet all set up right away so I spent a bit of time on the computer and talking to a few people and then I went down the street to the huge shopping center.
There are soooo many stores in the mall, I couldn’t believe it. For the most part, I was walking through the mall to see all the stores and looking for a couple items that I needed. There are ramps and stairs and the mall is basically shaped like an oval. There is an ice skating rink inside the mall!!! Then there is also a movie theater and a Target and Mrs. Field’s cookies, 2 big grocery stores and a fresh fruit place. Yes this place is HUGE and I definitely got lost trying to find where I had entered the mall. I probably walked around in circles trying to find it before finding a directory and realizing that I had entered on the 4th floor of the mall. That was my adventure for day 1, before I headed to bed early due to jet lag.

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