Sunday, February 13, 2011

Australia Surf Camp Feb 12-13

This weekend I was at surf camp. We arrived late on Friday night and I was dead tired because I am still jet lagged. After waking up at 6:45am (which may seem really early, but when you are jet lagged and waking up at 5am is no problem, 6:45, seems late lol), we had breakfast or brekky as the Aussies call it and then we got into wetsuits and headed down to the 7 mile beach. It’s a really nice and pretty beach. We had to carry our surf boards down, which got heavy after a while of walking. We partnered up so that it’d be easier, but it was still like weight lifting.
            During our first lesson, we drew surf boards in the sand and practiced getting on them to make sure we had the positioning correct. Then we went out in the water and tried it. That part went fairly well for me when I did catch a wave. Then we went back to the sand to learn how to position our feet on the board to get closer to standing up. This was tricky when we actually had to do it in the water. I did well the first time and a couple other times, but slipped off a lot.
            At 11:30 we had lunch and looked at our photos and videos from the morning and then we had a bit of down time before heading out for lesson 2. The afternoon hit and I was already ready for a nap, but we headed back out to catch some waves. First we did some stretching as a group and then we learned how to stand up on the boards with our drawn surf boards on the sand. When we got into the water, the waves were higher and it was high tide. I had trouble getting my timing for waves right. After catching a few waves, I finally did get to the point of taking my hands off the board for a split second which was definitely my goal for the day. After a while I just didn’t have any energy left to try anymore though.

        After surfing and taking nice hot showers, me, Tina and Sarah went to the Pub up the road with just about everyone else. As we were walking uphill, we were all starting to feel just how much of a workout we got from surfing and were very sore. The walk was worth it though because the view was beautiful! We hung out there until it was time for dinner. Dinner is still the hardest meal to have an appetite for with the time change, so I am only able to usually take a few bites just because I know I have to eat. After dinner, some people went back to the Pub but I was too tired and ended going to bed early with Tina.
            Sunday was pretty much the same routine, but I was much more successful. I got a bigger board that I was able to balance on better and finally figured out how to position my feet. The hardest part of this day was waking up so sore that just lifting my arms and walking were hard. The current was also pretty strong and the waves were pretty big. After catching a few waves, I had to sit down for a bit and then I went back until it was time to go. I had a lot of fun as I was finally catching waves and standing. I was so excited!!
            For our last lesson, we just hung out at the camp and learned about safety information when finding a place to surf and also other places to surf around Australia if we plan to continue. I don’t know if I will surf again but I was glad to have this opportunity to surf. It was definitely a great beach to learn on and the instructors were very helpful. I’d definitely recommend Australia Surf Camp!!

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