Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 2: Feb 22, 2011

Today I had lecture 2 for my wave class and then contemporary Australian arts. I actually started class today at 10am, but realized that I wouldn’t have that class, because it was just the tutorial for my arts class and since I hadn’t had the lecture for it yet, I didn’t have the tutorial. I wanted to find the building it was in anyway because when looking at the map of campus, I noticed the building was far off in the corner, kind of isolated from campus. I looked at a map and started walking through some parking lots but then thought that I must be going the wrong way. So I walked back to the map and decided to try another way. Well I started walking and there was all this construction work being done towards this end of campus (actually there seems to be construction on every side of campus but this side in particular). I crossed a street because I thought I saw the building I was looking for, but that one wasn’t it and I was pretty sure at that point, I was off campus, but I knew how to get back so I wasn’t worried. Finally I noticed another building across 2 streets in front of me, so I headed that direction and eventually saw the sign for Y3A, the building I was looking for. It took me 20 minutes, but I had allowed plenty of time to get there on time even if we had met today for class.
            I waited around for a bit to see if anyone else would show up and no one did, so after 15 minutes, I headed back to campus, a different way. Turns out, the first way I was walking would have actually gotten me to the building. I just didn’t realize you had to walk through so many parking lots. It’s so strange though.
            I spent my time before my next class just sitting in the library and reading, then I had my second lecture for waves. My teacher was 10 minutes late to the class and this is my second teacher for Waves. She has a Ukrainian accent and speaks softly so you have to sit up front and listen closely. Of course, for this class, everyone sits right up front as there are only 5 of us.
            After class, one guy in my class showed me where to find the notes online for the class which was useful as I was searching for an hour or so to master their website and didn’t find anything. Then I headed back to get some lunch and go online for a bit before heading back over to campus for my contemporary arts lecture.
            Contemporary Australian Arts reminds me of high school classes, so I’m actually really excited about that. Our grade is based on 20% participation (yes Dad I will participate since this class has it as part of the grade), 20% 15 min presentation that you make to your tutorial class on a contemporary artist (a bit nervous about that as we are not allowed to read anything from slides, just talk about our opinion, but should be alright), 20% short essay about an exhibit not discussed in class (I will be taking trips into Sydney with a couple people to see exhibits) and 40% essay about a theme in contemporary Australian art. No final for the class, basically the last essay is the final and although I haven’t written an essay in 2 years, I don’t think it will be too bad, especially since we have already been given the prompts so we already know what to expect. The one thing I do have to figure out is how to submit it and how they reference here, but that shouldn’t be too bad. It’s also nice that I know 2 people in the class. Another interesting aspect about this class is that my teacher hardly ever lectures. We have 1 lecture a week and every week has been outlined for us already and there are 13 weeks, 3 of which my teacher actually lectures during and the rest are guest speakers. It will be interesting to hear from all the different artists coming in, I just find it funny that my teacher only lectures 3 times during the course of the semester.
            After that I was done for the day and I went for a quick look around at O-week tables and then headed back to my room for the afternoon and evening, just working on getting class stuff together and figuring out what to do with my weekend coming up.  

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