Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 4: February 24, 2011

So this morning I had my lovely 8am education class that I’m taking for no reason at all, other than a random free elective that fit into my schedule and I’m hoping does not take up too much of my time since all my time should be going to my math classes…
            Finding the building that the class was in this morning was the easy part, then I had to find the lecture room T4 (theater 4). Now I wasn’t sure whether T4 would be on the first floor, second floor, third floor, maybe there was a fourth floor? In this building they are also doing a major construction project (just like the rest of campus it seems) and replacing the roof or something, so there is this big open space with tons of construction workers and equipment in the building. I wonder what that space was originally used for before the construction started, maybe a lounge type area? So I found T1 on the first floor and then I decided to go up the stairs where there were signs saying “workers overhead,” for some reason, that made me feel like the stairs weren’t really the safest to go up, but I had to find my classroom. When I got to the second floor there was a sign that said “T2 to T8 on level 3.” Cool so now I knew where I was going, but still question how they lay out these buildings, with T1 being on the first floor and the rest of the lecture rooms on the third. I got into the room and class was about to start so I had to be that person who makes people move to get a seat that is open in the middle of the row, but it was alright. Space is really cramped in these specific lecture halls. I didn’t even realize there was a tiny desk you could pull up to place your stuff on at first. The other thing was the air conditioning was blasting in this room. Being that it was 7:45am when I left my room and the mornings are usually cool here, I was wearing jeans and a light sweater and I was so glad, because otherwise I would have been freezing in there. We also had the door open to the lecture most of the time and a great view of the construction, so that was a bit distracting, but mostly we went over the assignments for the semester anyway, the usual introduction class. 
Overall the class actually does seem a bit interesting and it’s mostly Aussie Freshmen or 1st year students who are going on to being a teacher in elementary school. My teacher is really enthusiastic about science though, so that should definitely help make the class interesting. I haven’t done any biology since Freshmen year in high school…7 years ago, so these next 3 weeks while we focus on bio should definitely be interesting. I’m excited for my first assignment for the class which is to get 10 people (5 males and 5 females) to draw a scientist for me and then I get to compare the drawings and talk about where these visions of a scientist come from in a short paper of 800 words.
After class I went to buy my one and only book for this semester and it is just a small notebook of copied stories. My other books are all available online and I was able to print them. It’s nice not having to spend $500 on books for once.
Then I had my 2 math classes, back to back and found out that my math classes will be canceled on Monday due to a strike that will be happening. Then it was finally time for some lunch and time to relax and plan out assignments for the semester.
Before I knew it, it was time for dinner already and after dinner I got some people to draw a scientist for me. Then I hung out, played some pool (I enjoy the game even though I’m not that good) and had some Australian candy called Smarties, completely different from the Smarties sweet tarts in America, these are more like flatter m & m’s. Then I watched a movie with a couple people and finally it was time for bed.  

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